How we serve YOU (the family unit):

An individualized program focusing on your child's strengths and needs. 

Remarkable and happy staff to assist you with the entire process. 

Parent Training to help generalize the intervention plan. 

Collaboration with other service providers.

Regularly scheduled team meetings.

Prioritization of goals.

Behavioral Consulting and Training

We come to you and assess the issues in the natural environment. We provide parent and teacher education and training and conduct follow-ups.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Programs

We provide these services at home or in school. We conduct a full assessment of problem behaviors and language, play, social, motor, and adaptive skills.

General & Special Education (SPED) Services 

We provide general and special education services. These include Functional Behavior Assessments, Academic Tutoring, and Behavior Intervention (BII or 1:1) supports

Specialized programs & Groups

Specialized programs focus on a particular issue like Potty Training, Sleep Training, and Feeding. Groups are done 3-4 times a year for Social Skills and Executive Functioning 

Behavioral Consulting and Training

For families who need help with their child (who may be typically-developing or gifted) who presents with problem behaviors or issues with attention, flexibility, or self-management.

Home or School setting

Parent Education/Training

We also provide the following for schools (private and public):

School Workshops

School Staff Training

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Our ABA programs include a full assessment of problem behaviors and all areas of development. Programs are created specifically for your and your child's needs and priorities. 

Play Skills

Social Skills

Adaptive Skills

Communication Skills

Social Cognition Skills

Executive Functioning Skills 

We utilize various teaching and intervention methods that fit your child's

current learning stage. 

Verbal Behavior

Teaching Interactions

Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT)

Enhanced Milieu Teaching (EMT)

Picture Exchange Systems (PECS)

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) Devices

Behavior Technicians implement the behavior plans and programs

in home or school.

Data Collected at Each Session

Tracking Progress

Regularly Scheduled Team Meetings

Evaluating and Moving Programs to Next Stages

Consistent Teams

General and Special Education Programs

We provide services within general and special education programs. These services can range from assessments to 1:1 supports in the classroom or during times outside of the classroom. 

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)

Behavior Intervention (BII) supports

Academic Testing

Academic Tutoring

Specialized Programs and Groups

These programs focus on specific issues:


Potty Training

Sleep Training

Feeding Programs

Social Skills Groups

Executive Functioning Groups

Job Coaching/Training

Please note that some of these programs will require collaboration from other professionals in your childs life such as pediatricians and therapists to rule out any medical conditions. 

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